Letter of Appreciation to the Lake Matinenda Craft Group

Lake Matinenda Cottage Owners Association Inc
P.O. Box 772, Blind River ON P0R 1B0 Date: 12 August 2014

To: Lake Matinenda Craft Group*

The Board of Directors thanks you for your continuing contributions to the Association. Over the years, your continued support, enthusiasm and fundraising have benefited the Association by creating a strong financial base. In past years, beautiful quilts were created and raffle tickets sold, generating thousands of dollars for the Association. Numerous bake sales, craft sales and rummage sales added funds to our treasury. Sales of books (Teachers’ Bay History, Matinenda Cookbooks, 1st and 2nd editions) also added funds. Your energy, enthusiasm and hard work have made our Association stronger and helped to create a sense of community on the lake. We thank the current Craft Group as well as members no longer alive, especially Nellie Otteson, a talented quilter.

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Lake Matinenda Ice-Out Data, 1932-2014

Since 1932, ice-out dates have been recorded by several cottagers at Lake Matinenda at the boat landing. Ice-out describes the time during ice break up when it is possible to travel by boat from Butterfield Narrows to the Landing at the southern end of the lake. Using this 82 year record, we asked the question: “Over time, Is there a warming trend and does the ice-out date occur earlier in the spring?” Although ice-out dates are highly variable from year to year, the answer is a qualified ‘maybe yes’.

We thank the cottagers who had the forethought to collect the data: Ray Sholberg, Bob Henderson, and other unknown persons. Statistical analyses by Sam Bledsoe.

Matinenda Ice Out Dates 82 Yr Record

Annexation and Transition

These documents may be useful to determine responsibility for the landing, docks, and other issues related to the Annexation of the lake by Blind River.

LMCOA to Town re Annexation 7 July 1999

LMCOA to Town re Transition 20 Feb 2001

Sault Star article re annexation 8 Sept 1999

Town Council Transition Comm Mtg 16 Jan 2001

Town mtg w unorg residents re annexation 7 July 1999

Town to LMCOA Annexation notice 8 Jan 1999